LLC SPA VOYAGE processes a wide technologies specter of manufacturing of interior, exterior of railway and motor transport, which permits to satisfy needs of big manufactories of these sectors. Over the past 5 years the enterprise underwent technical renovations that allowed to pass from separate interior units production to large monoblock systems like train-driver cabin and universal sanitary complex.


In the enterprise arsenal there are all possible technologies for producing of fiberglass units from manual contact to SMC-forming for obtaining fiberglass units of different forms and combinations.

Together with producing fiberglass elements at the enterprise are widely developed technologies of processing sheet metal and  profiled bars allowing to process to 300 tons of metal a month. One of the enterprise feature is worth to be mentioned automatic processing of sheet material at the complex Salvagnini that provide us with the units of demanding configuration in the automatic mode.

One of the key roles in the producing processes at LLC SPA VOYAGE is played by the assembly that includes a broad range of technologies from the assembly of fiberglass units and metal constructions to the installation of complex pneumatic and electromechanical systems and elements of interior lightning of the salon of railway transport. At the same time with normally used assembly technologies like welding, riveting, screwed joints at LLC SPA VOYAGE have been introduced modern technologies of assembly of metal constructions and fiberglass elements based on glued joints allowing to improve esthetic view of output goods.

 At LLC SPA VOYAGE is totally absorbed the producing cycle of making units from polyurethane that has permitted us to enlarge the services provided specter and to start a new production delivery.

Nowadays LLC SPA VOYAGE processes all the technologies list needed for manufacturing goods satisfying all the customer’s requests in the segment of monoblock systems and interior, exterior production of railway and motor transport.